Telecom industry has expanded tremendously with the number of customers using telephones, specially mobile phones. The telecom companies are very limited in a country; hence the customer service has to be efficient to this competitive industry. Although many services are carried out through call /contact center, still customers visit at service centers.  When deciding for implementing queue management solution in telecom industry, the consideration would be:

  • Different customer segment with different priorities.
  • Runs on central network for their system.
  • Requires analytical capacity on centralized database for the operation or service quality team apart from the branch management.

Queue Pro has been designed to cater the special needs of the telecom industry. This enterprise grade queue management system has lots of features including special for telecom industry:

  • Prioritizing the customer flow based on customer segment.
  • Real time branch based configuration empowers the branch managers to manage the customer flow effectively on situation.
  •   Usage of SMS module for ticket / token instead of paper.
  • Use of minimum standard hardwares with browser based software provides comfort to the technology team.

If you are looking for queue management for telecom industry with special needs, please contact us.