Globally most popular and adaptable interactive information platform that people desire is Self-service kiosk / interactive kiosk/ information kiosk. Flexible accessing information, Like as efficiency of different types of services and more. A self-service interactive kiosk is a widely embraced, Financial concern businesses are to prior either a quicker system throughout or fewer employments on the floor. Nowadays, the Self-service interactive kiosk has merged both except compromising with Industrial growth or business profit in the global interactive kiosk market.

Queue-Pro Self Service Kiosk

Queue Pro takes pride in offering both Indoor & outdoor digital kiosk-based solution and Queue Pro is now the leading interactive kiosk manufacturers and providers of interactive kiosk solutions in Bangladesh. We are very much excited to introduce our different types of kiosk Queue-Pro self-service Kiosks/interactive kiosk solutions for our valuable customers.

Features of Queue-Pro Self Service Kiosk

  1. Biometric verification with a fingerprint scanner is a mostly adaptive and cross-platform feature. It is used for making user verification mostly authentic and distinctive. That’s why we offer touch screen interactive kiosks.
  2. In Bangladesh, NID is the most valid document for identifying a person. NID scanner just makes the way easier for the system. A customer is defined with all verified documents related to that person. This is very much useful and as well as positive for maintaining a bridge between customer and authority. Moreover, new initiatives are easy to reach in a jiffy to find out potential interactive kiosk companies.
  3. Now a day’s people like to operate the system with a click or with a touch screen interactive kiosk. We are providing a marginal feature regarding clutch (Click and Touch).
  4. We Providing Crime Alert interactive kiosk, Disaster & Emergency interactive information kiosk, Improving Interoffice and Interdepartmental Communication, Corporate Operation, Assist General Public to their Common Needs with our interactive health kiosk, Provides Application to Multiple Information in interactive kiosk display, Product/Item Description, Connecting to Central System.
  5. The kiosk system is not a single lingual purpose. Multi-lingual is most common feature to make more and more interactions globally in the global interactive kiosk market. Services are the identity of a kiosk system.
  6. The more services the more adaptability we are providing services through an equipped IT system regarding hardware and touch screen kiosk software to cope with the digital era.
  7. More people being served in a small space by our Self-service kiosk / interactive kiosk / interactive information kiosk & touch screen interactive kiosk.
  8. Queue-Pro Self-service kiosk / interactive kiosk / interactive information kiosk /touch screen interactive kiosk reduces the Communication gap and Conflict of Understanding between the Consumer and Organization.
  9. It’s staff free digital service interactive kiosk solution. Our services are In short procedure with great efficiency and Improve overall customer satisfaction & experience of getting Services with less Convenience.

Benefits of Using Queue-Pro Self Service Kiosk

  1. Our dynamic Queue-Pro interactive kiosk solutions serve multiple customers 24/7 at any location in our country.
  2. Interactive information kiosk reduces time as well as interactive kiosk price is a friendly cost-cutting product.
  3. Our interactive kiosks provide product & interactive kiosk solutions all under One Center Point.
  4. Our Queue-Pro interactive kiosks give services within a minute without any hassle. 



Information Kiosk

An information kiosk is a  software-based smart solution for where there is a need to get information for particular purposes. Especially to search for a particular location, to get appropriate direction in a shopping mall or others. In a public space, one can find these kinds of kiosks are available to help mass people get information for particular purposes.

Information Kiosk 32inch

Information Kiosk





SIM Vending Kiosk

Sim Card Dispensing or vending KioskFor self-service product (Sim) purchase & instant card dispensing within a few minutes. If there any impossibility to go to a particular SIM card company’s customer care to get a SIM card then one can get a SIM easily from the SIM vending kiosk. SIM companies can set up their SIM vending kiosks in different places such as airports, shopping malls, fairs, conference centers, etc. 

Sim vending machine

SIM Vending Kiosk

Payment Kiosk

Payment KioskThere are different kinds of companies that accept their payment through payment kiosks. Cell,phone bills, utility payment, rent payments, health care payments, cable TV bills, etc companies can get these through payment kiosks. Different kinds of companies can set up their payment kiosks in different places such as airports, shopping malls, fairs, conference centers, etc.

Untitled design

Payment Kiosk


Immigration Kiosk

Immigration Kiosk we can call it Automated Passport Control (APC) is a  Customs and Border Protection program that expedites the entry process for eligible Visa Waiver Program international travelers by providing an automated process through customs and border protection program primary inspection area. Travelers use self-service kiosks to respond to inspection-related questions and submit biographic information. Travelers using Immigration Kiosk experience shorter wait times, less congestion, and faster processing.

Airport checking kiosk

Immigration Kiosk


Ticket Vending Kiosk

With the modernization of the public transport stations and the improvement of transportation services, Cambium offers automated ticket machines of the latest generation. Depending on the application and the requirement of the customer, different types of machines for installation at railway stations have been developed. The self-service ticket vending machines are configured with electronic payment systems for issuing thermal paper tickets, accepting cash, credit cards, or smart cards. The system can be operated comfortably by a touch-screen. Via an intelligent interface, passengers can not only select their destination and their preferred payment method, but are also able to recharge smart cards of the respective system operator. All our ticket terminals are equipped with the latest ticketing technology.

double printer kiosk

Ticket Vending Kiosk