Queue Management System, QMS, or Electronic Queue Management System is an automated software-based system that is designed to ensure us to manage to walk-in service or customer flow. Where there are mass density service areas like a service center, ticket counter, etc. There needs the queue management system. It helps the customer to get a service in a systematic way & serially through a token. Queue management system or QMS ensures the organization for better service to the valued customer and makes the service or office environment healthier. There are different types of queue management systems. In structural queues, people generally make a fixed, adjustable, or predictable position such as in a shopping mall outgoing, on the other hand at a retail location such as hospitals and banks. In unstructured queues, mass people make unpredictable and variability locations and directions. Kiosk-based QMS is used in banks, hospitals, and other government service locations. The mobile queue system gives customers to observe real-time queue data and choose a reason that customers want to visit the service center through the mobile phones.

 Queue pro queue management system

Queue Pro Queue Management System

Queue Pro is the software that manages the queue in any customer interaction point smartly. The process starts with a customer who just pops in the customer care center. The customer will have to select the service he/she is looking for by pressing the options at the touch screen monitor. Once the service type is selected, the system will calculate the number of persons waiting in the queue and their expected service time and will generate a token. Queue Pro is a kiosk and online-based queue management system. We can call it a token system or queue management system online also. People can use it for queue management system in the healthcare / token system in hospitals. This is a smart token system. Queue Pro is one of the best queue management system companies in Bangladesh.

The customer service officer will get the list of pending customers waiting in their group at his workstation with the description. They will pick the customer in a predefined order and as soon as they serve the current customer, the system will display and announce with voice prompt the token number of next customer who is supposed to be served. The center supervisor will be able to monitor the queue status from his/ her desktop online. The management will get the data and summary of information about the number of customers and service matrix, time, and other special reports. Now a day’s electronic queue management system in banks is an essential feature of the organization.

Benefits of Queue Pro

Queue Pro is a proven computerized queue management system designed to ensure disciplined & guided customer experience based on the segment. Benefits of using Queue Pro are below:

  1. Its advanced algorithm provides a solution for branches with/without sitting spaces.
  2. This token system provides options for promoting information among the waiting customers.
  3. With the advanced administrator module and online reports, Queue Pro provides an opportunity to improve operation/services to the next level.
  4. Queue Pro can be integrated with an open standard hardware platform; no proprietary hardware dependency.
  5. Integration supports (business applications / website).
  6. Multiple service selection with paired services.
  7. Tellers’ end does not require additional keypad & software installation; ease manageability.
  8. The server-based system enables the system administrator for configuring and managing the operation of the system.
  9. The system allows the system administrator to customize the menu according to their business plan. The menu flexibility provides data on the final service lines for analyzing.
  10. This token system is scalable. It can be used as standalone or centrally. The customer interface language or the promotional text can be set branch wise. An organization operating in the diversified geographical area can leverage their customer interface with this multi-language feature.
  11. Scope for customization for customers’ specific business rules.
  12. It is possible to use a queue management system online.
  13. Queue Pro queue management system demo is free
  14. Queue Pro provides the queue management system cloud.
  15. Queue Pro is a queue management system with the SMS notification system.
  16. Queue Pro maintains a standard grade about queue management system price.

 Deployment Diagram/ Queue management system workflow






Token Issuer

To get the service from the service center of a company or bank outlet one has to choose the desired service type through the Token Dispenser/ Token Issuer or Kiosk. The service options would be shown in multiple languages. Once the customer has chosen the service (interacting with the server) based upon the current status of queues and their service nature a token will be printed indicating token number, counter number, and any promotional text. It may be set up in front of the branch entry gate. It provides a touch screen for selecting a particular service. A token can be generated by Kiosk, SMS, or by Web.



The Token Issuer (TKIS) allows a customer to take a printed token with the desired service(s) at a customer care center. Below are the high-level functional requirements of Token Issuer of Queue Pro:


  • When a customer arrives at the customer care center, he/she can choose the desired service type through the touch screen Token Issuer (TKIS) kiosk/ token dispense kiosk.
  • The service options would be shown in multi-languages.
  • The customer can choose the service.
  • A token prints through the integrated printer from token dispenser kiosk.
  • Based on the current queue, requested service – counter no, delivery time will be mentioned.
  • Supports single/multiple selections of service(s) at the time of dispensing the token.
  • Generates tokens which contain the date, branch, token number, list of selected services, etc.
  • The Token Dispenser Kiosk has flash promotional / compliance messages while idle.
  • Categorizes the customers by prioritizing the services.


Double Printer Token Diaspenser Kiosk  Touuch Ticket Dispenser KY-112A  Tab Bashed Kiosk

Double Printer, Single Printer & Tab Base Kiosk




The Token system allows a customer to take a token by using the web with the desired service(s) and get an appointment at a customer care center. Queue Pro online web token is a standard system to get a token for a particular service from a branch through online media. Anyone can do it oneself easily. You can get a web token and allow yourself to take the service from the service center without an instant token system. 

Queue Pro Web Token




A customer can get a token by throwing SMS from his cell phone. After throwing, the SMS he will get an auto-generated back SMS and get an appointment at the customer care center. A customer have to preserve the SMS and can take the particular service from the customer care center or from the branch of a bank/ hospitals. If there any problem to go to the branch at the right time, then a customer can use SMS token to get his desire service. 



Queue Showcase

The Queue Showcase displays the token statuses on an LED/LCD monitor. When the topmost(s) token is being forwarded to a particular SDC, an optional announcement can also be made to alert the customer that he/she should proceed to the particular SDC for service. Below are the high-level functional requirements of Queue Showcase and Announcement:

  • Provides facility to redirect/reassign between services to service, counter to counter.
  • The system has the facility to connect one or more main display unit.
  • It allows viewing the services available at any counter.
  • It allows activating/deactivating services across the counters.
  • It is a combination of a software unit with an LCD/LED monitor.
  • Generates the audio alerts (voice) and displays the information on the LCD.
  • It can be wall-mounted or hung from the ceiling at the customer waiting area so that the customers can view the tokens being called.
  • It provides a real-time floor view to the branch manager and enables the branch manager to send messages to the underperforming counter.
  • Can define counters, i.e. which counters will do what services and what are the timings of each counter.
  • Can edit/change counter definitions on the fly and token dispensations changes accordingly.
  • Keeps information on the missing token(s).
  • Provides facility of assigning benchmark time for different services.


Central Display




Counter Display

The Counter Display unit is the part of the application form in which the customer will get alert about his turn to take the service. Once the token is assigned to a counter, it shows in the central display as well as in the counter display board. The voltage passes through the contact signal or the non-contact signal (electric signal, sensor signal such as a photoelectric switch, proximity switch, etc.). During the announcement, the particular token number will be shown on the counter display.

Counter LED




Soft Key Pad

The Service Officers at customer care centers utilized the Service Delivery Counter (SDC) to serve the customer. A customer service request is generated through the TKIS and placed in the queue of the SDC to be served by the Service Officer. Below are the high-level functional requirements of the Service Delivery Counter:

  • When the customer gets a printed token, the token number will pop in the list of the queued customers at the desktop of that particular customer service officer (CSO).
  • When CSO starts serving, the top most token number from the list will be displayed on the LED board above CSO so that customer can approach the counter.
  • Service Officers (CSO) are able to view all relevant information of the customer arriving at his counter like token no., customer type, transactions requested, wait time, etc.
  • Once the customer’s query is served, CSO will mark the token as served, automatically the next token will be displayed in the LED and this will continue until the customers are waiting.
  • CSOs are able to view the services aligned against his/her Service Delivery Counter (SDC), upcoming token no., past token nos. serviced, tokens missed
  • Provides facility to redirect/reassign between service(s) to service(s), counter to counter.
  • CSOs are able to stop or pause operations of his/her counter for a certain period to take a break.


Soft Key Pad



Announcement System

When the topmost(s) token is being forwarded to a particular SDC, an optional announcement can also be made to alert the customer that he/she should proceed to the particular SDC for service. Below are the high-level functional requirements of Queue announcement. It can be wall-mounted or hung from the ceiling at the customer waiting area so that the customers can hear being called. Can define counters, i.e. which counters will do what services and what are the timings of each counter.







Admin & Reporting Panel

There is a separate login & the viewing system for the admin & reporting panel. In addition, top management can observe real-time reports of their business by the Central Dashboard system. If you should need to generate reports with information that is not easily displayed in the Standard Reports, you can use Custom ones. It generates dynamically which means that you don’t have to press a button to generate them.


Queue Pro Admin Panel




Central Dashboard

A dashboard is a type of graphical user interface that often provides at a glance view of key performance indicators relevant to a particular objective or business process. Queue Pro System Management will get a dashboard where they get all the branches’ individual data and they will have real-time data so he/she may measure individual service executive performance.